What is Children are Composers?

Children are Composers is a method created by Hanne Deniere in Belgium.

By using this CREATIVE musical method, children between the ages of 3 to 8 years old get to know the MAGIC of music through INTERACTIVE games. A maximum amount of FUN and an exceptional process of GROWTH are experienced. 

Through interactive games, children will discover the magic of music. 

In a PLAYFUL way, they get to know all the music notes and theory, rhythm and harmony 

and they will be able to create and compose THEIR OWN MUSICAL STORY.


Through the universal language of music, children can EXPRESS themselves, 

DEVELOP their PERSONALITY and CREATIVITY and are encouraged to use their IMAGINATION.

Introductory Lesson

I offer a FREE introductory lesson to anyone who is considering piano lessons. Contact me to schedule yours now!

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