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Happy girl having piano lesson.

"Piano lessons make my son feel so smart."


When I started teaching piano, I came across some students who found reading music extremely challenging. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make them digest the concepts. They would leave the studio feeling sad and not so smart.

Many years later, and after a lot of research, I discovered a simple way that works with every student, no more tears, stress, or kids walking out of the studio feeling stupid anymore and that's why I called this program Piano Hero.


Piano Hero 


Piano Hero is a once-a-week piano program designed specifically for anyone above the age of 5.

This program moves with the speed that the student sets, in other words, it progresses as fast or as slow taking the cue from the student. This way, piano lessons are always, fun, engaging, and stress and tear-free.

After this program, all students end up having all the skills they need to read notes, no fail.





If you have ever dreamed to see your child playing the piano on a stage, you've found the right place.



If your child has previously struggled learning to read music and you think it is impossible, we will change your mind.


Music theory becomes easy when we teach it. Our students start composing their songs during the first year.


Your child will develop a new skill which contributes to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.


Here is what happens when students start Piano Hero

  • Students will learn all the music basics through different activities and will not be required to sit on the piano bench for more than 10 minutes in one stretch, in this way, it is guaranteed that the student is giving full attention to the task and doesn't become restless.

  • Students will be creating their short songs, and playing them with correct rhythm from the first month using a creative method that doesn’t require them to read notes.

  • Students will start reading notes at their own pace and only after ensuring they have learned all the skills they need to do so, with no stress or tears.

  • Students will leave lessons feeling like heroes and excited to go home and show their musical achievements to their families.

  • Students get the option to get certified by the ABRSM once they are ready, these graded exams are very significant and recognized worldwide. They give students the motivation they need to celebrate their musical successes along their musical journey. 


This is what our students and parents say!


Miss Dima is my hero teacher. She invites so many people to hear me play my music on stage during the recital!”

Hammoody, Student

My son always wanted to play the royal anthem for his classmates, we thought it was impossible, but you made it happen in less than 6 months.

Shawn, Parent

Piano students holding certificates

Studying with Dima has been amazing for my son 8 years old! Being dyslexic, he had struggled to learn to read music notes for more than a year, and his last teacher could not help him. As a parent, I saw that playing the piano lessons became a stressful experience, with you, he learned to read the notes in very little time, and on Zoom!

Ilka, Parent

June, Parent

My son doesn't feel dumb anymore. Learning the piano is not a stressful experience anymore.

My daughter has a hobby, she comes back from school and sits and plays the piano, I never thought she would be able to have a hobby she enjoys.

Laura, Parent

Are you ready to join? Do you have any questions? Here are 3 different ways you can get in touch:

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