2016 Spring Recital

May 29, 2016


For the beginner musician, the benefits of performances, even casual ones, are immeasurable. The most important benefit is that technique is never really acquired until it is demonstrated in a performance.

Children are rarely as self motivated as when they are preparing for a recital, they learn what it means to complete a task, they become focused, self-motivated, and results oriented.


Our Spring Recital which was scheduled on May28th went on smoothly. The students proudly shared their compositions and played their prepared pieces in front of the parents.

  • They learned that mistakes are okay and that the audience often isn't aware of the mistake so just keep on going.

  • They have seen their peers freeze and learned to tell them that they were brave and how wonderful it was that they were able to continue with the piece.

  • They learned how to become active listeners by filling out forms assessing each other’s performances.








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