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Children come with different challenges, some more difficult than others. This is not a problem here at Do Re Me Studio, the private piano lessons program lies within the reach of all children, allowing them to feel a stronger sense of control in their learning experience. It has been tested over and over again over the course of many years and proved to be quite effective with children. Not only has it contributed to building their self-confidence, but it has also alleviated the stress they previously faced with traditional note-reading methods, which had left them overwhelmed.

Piano on Dim Stage

"Studying with Dima has been amazing for my son Caspar who is 8 years old! Being dyslexic, he had struggled to learn to read music notes for more than a year, and his last teacher could not help him. As a parent, I saw that playing the piano lessons became a stressful experience for Caspar and that he lost them from playing the piano. I was over the moon when I found Dima’s website and when she agreed to teach Caspar! Amazingly, he learned to read the notes in very little time using Dima’s colour coding system, and he has made incredible progress. Dima has demonstrated both endless patience and warm empathy which have helped Caspar to overcome his initial difficulties very quickly. The most surprising aspect of this success is that the classes have all happened online over Zoom (Dima is based in Amman, we are in London). Dima and Caspar have developed a wonderful rapport and mutual understanding over the last year which allows them to do the classes completely independently, and I am not needed for help. I can't recommend Dima highly enough! "
Ilka Dunn, Casper's mother (Caspar 8 years old), London - England


Dima has been teaching piano since 1990. Dima is a full-time piano teacher and the owner of DoReMe Studio. Author of The Easier Piano Books and creator of the "Teaching Piano in Tiny Steps" method.

Dima is a certified pianist from the ABRSM. She has a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Jordan and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from The University of Sheffield, UK.

Dima has students from different backgrounds and abilities and she finds teaching children with special needs very rewarding and inspiring. 



The piano recital that we hold each spring is a big event that everyone looks forward to. It brings us all together, students, families, grandparents, friends, and teachers creating an awesome sense of community where everyone feels welcomed.

The students, finally get the opportunity to share the fruit of their hard work with everyone, making them feel proud and achieved. 

No academic year feels complete without our spring recital.

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