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DO RE ME Piano Studio offers fun - filled piano lessons, our students learn to read and write music through creative activities, crafts and games because after a long day at school, the last thing the children want is an additional chore to weigh them down.


Instruction is done in a caring attitude and children will advance at their own pace according to their abilities to enhance their confidence and self-esteem.


DO RE ME Studio believes that music can be enjoyed and learned by everyone. That's why we have different programs to cater for students of all abilities. 

Creativity is very important in DO RE ME Studio, that's why within a year all our students would have participated in at least one recital and written their own songs.



You no longer have to travel to your teacher. I will bring the lesson to you through a 100% online program where you can learn to play the piano from the comfort of your own home.



This is our most popular program among the children and the most fun.

It is called accelerate because it proved to be the fastest way to move the beginner students ahead in their learning.

Children love to work together and inspire each other. They play games and duets and have loads of fun.


The more experienced student who is around Grade 3 ABRSM would benefit from this program. One on one lessons will help polish the technique and learn the more advanced theory.



This program was created to make music accessible to every child regardless of his challenges.

This program lies within the reach of all children, allowing them to feel a stronger sense of control in their learning experience. Not only has it contributed to building their self-confidence, but it has also alleviated the stress they previously faced with traditional note-reading methods, which had left them overwhelmed.

"      My son loves his piano lessons...      "

... he is always learning something new as well as given the chance to improvise and have fun. He can now read music notes and play with both hands at 6 years of age. I’m so proud of him and very thankful for Dima Tahboub for her dedication and professionalism.

Introductory Lesson

I offer a FREE introductory lesson to anyone who is considering piano lessons. Contact me to schedule yours now!

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