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My son's piano lessons developed my son’s talent and his passion for music, and at the same time, they were a therapy and helped his speech delay.


Sandra, Parent

Dima was able to teach to my son’s ability and bring out the best in him. After only 5 weeks of piano lessons with her, Marwan’s teachers were very impressed by how much his handwriting has improved.

Hana, Parent

Girl Playing Piano

My son loves his piano lessons, he is always learning something new, as well as given the chance to improvise and have fun.

He can now read music notes and play with both hands at 6 years of age. I’m so proud of him and very thankful to Dima for her dedication and professionalism.


Mira, Parent

Nisreen, Piano Teacher

I loved the method Dima uses, her books are colorful and inviting, making music interesting for all children. Music reading can be challenging to many students, and I do think that her method overcomes this challenge with its simplicity and smooth structure. This method opens door to many young beginners and also to children with learning difficulties who might face challenges with traditional music notation.

My daughter has a hobby, she comes back from school and sits and plays the piano, I never thought she would be able to have a hobby she enjoys.

Laura, Parent

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Boy having a piano lesson

We love Ms. Dima's class! Ms. Dima skillfully blends playfulness with structured learning, making each lesson engaging for young 4-5 year olds (easily distracted) minds. With colorful visuals, interactive games, and patient guidance, my son is hooked already, and excitedly looks forward to this class. As a boy who takes his time in warming up to people, Ms. Dima was able to connect with him immediately in the first interaction! I am looking forward to see him develop his love for playing the piano under her guidance. Highly recommended!!


Chitra, Parent

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